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VPA300 PA Amplifier 2x 150W Media Player with Bluetooth
VPA300 PA Amplifier 2x 150W Media Player with Bluetooth

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Korg NUVIBE, Univibe som effekt dukker op første gang i begyndelsen
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Korg NUVIBE, Univibe som effekt dukker op første gang i begyndelsen


2.999,00DKK 1.379,00DKK

Prisen er inkl. 25% dansk moms

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Leveringstid: 1 til 3 hverdage.

Denne vare er på lager, men ikke på vores lille butikslager!
Du er velkommen til at skrive i kommentarfeltet på din ordre at du ønsker at afhente varen, så kontakter vi dig når varen er klar til afhentning i vores butik.
Vi modregner selvfølgelig fragten når du kommer.

Vil du prøve denne denne vare
Hvis du gerne vil prøve denne vare inden du beslutter dig for at købe den, så vil vi meget gerne vise dig varen i vores showroom. Kontakt os gerne og aftal hvornår det passer dig, så har vi varen klar til du kommer :o)

Ring 70 26 25 26

Butikkens adresse og åbningstid er:
Møllehaven 9
4040 Jyllinge - vis på kort
Mandag til fredag09.00 til 17.30
Lørdag og søndagLukket

The legendary modulation effect unit, reborn under the supervision of the developer of the original model!

It was during the 1960s when the original model first appeared. Its origin is so uncertain that even the people who were involved at that time are not sure of the circumstances through which this model went out into the world. What is clear is that in 1969, a legendary guitarist used it in a historic performance, drawing the attention of guitarists all around the world. Now for more than half a century, it has reigned as a great effect unit. This enigmatic classic in the history of effect devices has been reborn under the ideal conditions of the supervision of the original developer. As on the original model, it provides a switch for selecting either vibrato or chorus, and INTENSITY and SPEED knobs for producing that distinctive effect. The buffer circuit that has such an important impact on the sonic character has been also been newly redesigned by the original designer for the 21st century. And a great bonus: a dedicated expression pedal is also included. The CdS photoresistor at the heart of the original model is a component that varies its resistance according to the strength of light, and it produces a distinctive effect by using the varying brightness of a small lamp to modify the output signal. Unfortunately, this component is now restricted as a hazardous substance, and cannot be used. Finding a substitute for this part was an absolute requirement in order to match the original model, and this was the single most difficult impediment to overcome. Success was finally achieved with an original design created under the supervision of the original engineer: a discrete circuit that uses an astounding 79 transistors to form the heart of the Nuvibe. WAVE sliders for producing the LFO waveform allow the creation of original waveforms The Nuvibe is not simply a facsimile of the original model. It provides ten WAVE sliders that allow users to create their own LFO waveforms. This lets you produce a wide variety of effects including sounds faithful to the original model as well as your very own custom sounds. As on the original model, a dedicated expression pedal for controlling the modulation effect is included. Since this lets you use your foot to control the distinctive modulation, it's a great way to enhance your stage performances. There's also an unlatch switch that lets you cancel the modulation effect by returning the pedal to the heel-down position. Because we have meticulously recreated every detail, you can even take advantage of the unit's effect as a buffer amp just as on the original model. The Nuvibe contains numerous design features that meet today's needs. Its two-way power supply allows operation on batteries as well as with an AC adapter. It also features a true bypass design as required by guitarists who care about their sound. SPECIFICATIONS

  • Controls:Volume, Wave, Intensity, Speed
  • Switches: Effect(On/Off, Mode (Chorus/Vibrato)
  • Inputs:Input (Monaural phone jack), Exp. Pedal (Stereo phone jack)
  • Outputs: Output (Monaural phone jack / Unbalanced)
  • Power: AA batteries x 6, DC9V
  • Battery Life: Approximately 4 hours (When using alkaline batteries)
  • Current Consumption: 290 mA (Typical)
  • Dimensions:Nuvibe console: 260(W) × 170(D)×67(H) mm / 10.24(W) x 6.69 (D) x 2.64 (H) inches, Dedicated Expression Pedal: 94(W) × 246(D) × 81(H) mm / 3.70(W) x 9.69(D) x 3.19(H) inches
  • Weight:Nuvibe console: 1.5 kg / 3.31 lbs, Dedicated Expression Pedal: 1.1kg / 2.43 lbs
  • Accessories: Stereo Cable, six AA batteries (for verifying operation)
  • Options: AC Adapter (DC9V)

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